preetpraying“When I was 12 years old I would meditate with friends under a cherry blossom tree, the tree was my friend and I would often whisper to it my hidden secrets. It always kept them.”

I help people Heal their self-worth issues, remember their Multidimensional Nature and reconnect with their Purpose for being on Earth at this great transition of the ages.

By creating a safe space for Sensitives and Starseeds, I facilitate a container for self-acceptance, expression and anchoring a meaningful life. I do not ascribe to any particular faith, lineage or belief system but find inspiration and themes that bind them all together. As well as teaching Spiritual information I Channel Light Language a non-linear Higher dimensional language that is serving as a bridge for the Ascension process. The raising of our planets frequency. I am deeply connected with the indigenous and ancient cultures of the world including the Shamanic path. I believe in inclusivity, kindness and compassion.

During December 2010 I received a spontaneous Kundalini activation, which activated my Multidimensional Awareness. I began experiencing Lucid Dreams, Out of Body Travel and an array of energetic phenomena, developing ESP (Extra Sensory Perception)

I was guided to relocate to the foothills of Wudang & Guilin in China in 2013 where I lived and breathed the Energy Art of Qi Gong intensively for 6 months. In China I learned about the nature of Consciousness, workings of subtle Energy or Chi, Healing, ESP and ‘Human Potential’ otherwise misunderstood as ‘Paranormal ability’. Subsquently becoming a Certified Chi Gong teacher with The Harmonious Big Family

I use my unique insights and experiences as an Multidimensional Awakening Guide, Healer and Energy Coach. Some of the topics I share and teach on include: Vibrational Alignment, Soul Purpose, Spiritual & Conscious Living, Healing, Dreams, Extraterrestrials, Disclosure, Self-worth, Wealth Consciousness, and Shadow work. I currently work one-to-one, with groups, teach workshops and classes both in person and via Skype around Spirituality, Multidimensional Awareness and Personal Development.

I am due to relocate to Peru in February 2017 to facilitate sacred ceremonies with the Plant teachers.

When I’m not teaching I work with young children who have been affected by Domestic Violence or other challenging life issues. Children are my greatest inspiration, through their playful innocence they remind us all to follow our joy.

To work with me please Email honovi@chaiwiththecosmos.com

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The Universe warmly extends an invitation to you; to be a seed of change. – Honovi