Do you feel a strong inner calling to be of service in our world in this transitional time of change?

Can you Empathise easily with the feelings of others? Are you looking to create meaningfulness in your life?

You may have always felt different from everyone else, as though you where the ‘outsider’ or dropped off by ET’s 🙂 Your imagination has always been a safe haven. You are loving and tolerant of others, creative and feel at home amongst the wilderness of Nature. You have a compassionate and kind heart. You’ve always supported the underdog and may struggle with issues of self-worth.

You seek deep connections and meaningful conversations. Spiritually you are openminded, knowing innately that everything is interdependent and connected. Large crowds of people seem overwhelming, and you require time alone or in nature to recharge.

You’re unique and your approach is unconventional often contrasting against the popular mainstream thinking of the day. You’ve probably been this way all of your life. It can feel like both a blessing and a burden right?

Here’s the thing: our world has been designed in such a way that if you lean more towards introversion and introspection you might feel a wee bit submerged not to mention depressed! Don’t worry if you feel like this, it’s perfectly natural given how much focus our society currently gives to the external.

Many of you are the Healers, LEADERS, Conscious Entrepreneurs, not just Dreamers but doers! Game-changers and Starseed’s of the world who have come here to bring a new vibration to humanity. Know that it’s now safe for you to share your gifts with others. I know you feel the shifting energies too? It’s a shift from the external to the internal, right across the globe. The realisation that we’re Multidimensional in nature.

It’s important to recognise your sensitivity as a Gift, not everyone was given such sensitivity and awareness during this lifetime. And not everyone is ready to embrace this part of themselves for the greater good of others.


I work with Starseeds and Empaths to facilitate and hold a space of Growth and Expansion. I support clients to Heal their Self-worth issues, and step into their highest potential during this lifetime, whilst gaining confidence in their innate gifts, transitioning into a life that is on purpose and aligned with their values. I help my clients reconnect with themselves, and navigate their life’s journey from their compassionate heart.

SOUL ALIGNMENT: Path to Passion, Purpose & Fulfilling your Potential
6 month Group Coaching Program – Starts October 22nd 2018 – Limited spaces

• Create a meaningful vision and direction for your life, discover your Highest Potential & Purpose during this lifetime.
• How to be a Spiritual being IN the world without having to withdraw or compromise your authentic expression.
• Cultivate a Wealth Consciousness mindset, uncover your innate Gifts that you came here to share with others in a way that allows you to make an abundant income doing what you love.
• Learn the art of creating Structure and Daily rituals that serve and align with your Soul’s Blueprint
• Recognise and tap into the limitless resource of your Multidimensional self through exploring the Dreamscape, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection and Kundalini: powerful doorways to self-development and the inner self.
• Build a grounded support structure from the inside out around your Awakening process.
• Build Self-Confidence and greater levels or awareness around Self-Love and care.
• Simplify and leverage your actions so that you can move forward with clarity.
• Master Limiting Beliefs that are holding you back.
• Optimise your Environment so you can move forwards with inspiration.
• Healing through intention, Qi Gong, Relaxation and Guided Meditations provided by myself.
• Create space for Playfulness, spontaneity, creativity, honouring and listening to your ‘Child Self’.
• Cultivate focus, self-discipline, grounding and commitment.
• Be held accountable with supportive Guidance and Coaching that comes from the heart.
• Learn to hold an Empathic and Compassionate presence for all your Life Experiences.

I currently Coach clients from aroound the world during a 6 month period. To qualify for a session please answer the questions on this form HERE so I can best support you through our session together, I will then send you an email for payment of the 1:1 Skype Session after which we will schedule the call at a time that is convenient for you.

I look forward to connecting and supporting you. Please email for further questions.