ufoDrawing the covers back my eyes sincerely greet the pink and amber hues seeping through the skylight. “Thank you” I whisper with my eyes closed. I know then that a symposium of light is underway. I’m aware that some place in the distance a feeling of new life is being anchored into my being, my child self is clapping. I turn an inward smile. It must be around 6am, the sky resembling a brilliant Claude Monet painting. The colours are so vivid they playfully seduce me; I can almost taste them. There’s something about being graced by a blue sky and sunshine, it fills the seemingly empty spaces inside you…

The New Year is a friend that brings with it the promise of something new. It hangs in the air like the scent of beautiful woman you can’t forget… in recent years this expansion of the feminine energy has effected Gaia profoundly, fresh tears of gratitude fall from the Himalayas to the Yucatan peninsula. The charring of all that is old is being burned away, leaving only what is now. It’s the novelty of the new that makes us feel light headed, inebriated on new beginnings and possibilities.

Permission that has been granted to momentarily forget ourselves and what has come before. You can’t help but feel the energy of enthusiasm cascade the cityscape, like a heavy sprinkling of morning frost. Everything glitters under the rays of the Sun God and all is made possible once more.

2015 was a challenging year for many of us; a purging of all that kept us tied to resistance, all that did not love, support or serve, our fears, nightmares, the loss of what could have been but wasn’t, surrendering to the pit of despair, rising upon the crest of joy, reawakening to a series of probable futures, moving ever inward, coming face to face and taking responsibilty for the choices we have made and are making day to day.

2015 felt like that slightly jarring feeling you receive after your ears pop during a flight. You know the feeling right? It’s like mixture of pain followed by the pleasure of hearing surround sound again!

Spiritual Acceleration

2016 promises to be a year of resurgence for many if they choose. How will you choose? Perhaps this year can be best described as the 2012 that never was? The year of Spiritual Acceleration. After a period of dormancy, the rich, Dark soil which has been incubating millions of seeds will begin to put out shoots and germinate for humanity as a collective family.

When great expectations are placed upon particular dates in history, we may feel let down when they ‘seemingly’ don’t come into fruition in the way we hoped. For those of us who hold distant memories of our Star families and remember having been here before, progress can seem snail paced. In these times it’s important we have patience and kindness towards ourselves and for where others are along their journey. Progress is a process, a metamorphosis that is on-going and ever unfolding.

All transformation occurs first upon the non-physical planes energetically, the naked eye is not always aware of these changes. Inevitably these changes filter down into the physical guided by Consciousness. Nothing outside of our Consciousness determines our fate, no, not even Mercury in Retrograde! Do you believe a divine, extraordinary being, made in the image of Source such as yourself is at the whim of such celestial events!? As you believe so it shall be!!

2016 and Visibility

Expect to see more and more people stepping out of their Narnia Spiritual closets, becoming visible homing beacons through out Gaia, connecting, merging, amplifying the energetic grid we are collectively co-creating. For no gesture will be too small, and no act of kindness overlooked by our great Universe in these times of change.

When we become more visible in our expressions of joy we elevate the vibrational field, letting both ourselves and others know that it’s okay to be ourselves and celebrated for it. In doing so we give others permission to step forward from the Shadows that have kept them bound, invisible and suppressed. So that they may radiant their gifts.

Change is a constant of the Universe, and this emerging energetic shift you all feel at the core of your being won’t be held back or contained, because the nature of the Universe is to evolve.

This ‘quickening’ gathers pace as we begin to show up and step more fully into our radiance and personal transformation, shifting perceptions like the moving tides of the worlds great oceans. Choosing to move with the current that ignites and uplifts. Changes happen vibrationally, we have to learn then to put our faith in the invisible. The larger portion of where our deeper essence and the Cosmos resides.

Look to 2012 as as a ‘turning’ point in history, a pivotal trigger point that is very much being felt through out the corridors of time. I’ve received strong guidance through the Dreamscape that more of our human family will see an increase in their ‘remembering’ of Multidimensional Awareness (Lucid Dreams, Astral Projection, spontaneous Kundalini Activations) that there will be a series of Extraterrestrial related events on a mass scale. Many ET’s are already connecting to those who maintain an open mind and heart through meditative and Out of Body states of Consciousness.

One of the things to note about our Star families, the Extraterrestrials is that they are not here to save us from ourselves. Only we are gifted with that. They’re here to reflect back to us the magnificence that is inherent in us all, that we have forgotten, sometimes unable to see in ourselves and others. Letting us know that they are here, that they always have been and are on the whole supporting humanity through this transition of the ages.

Know that a new year is not neccessary to make a change. Each moment invites us to begin again. I warmly extend an invitation to you to begin again today, this is the gift each moment presents us with. Every moment is a new opportunity to turn things around, to make a different choice. Will you make that choice?

Questions to ask yourself moving into the month of February:

If I could begin again, how would I choose diffently today? (e.g. Write that article, start that book, apologise)
If I knew the Universe fully supported me who would I be? (e.g. A leader, loving, generous, bold, kind, innovative)
What qualities are my current conditions cultivating in me? (e.g. inner strength, patience, determination, vulnerability, empathy)
What would it look like to value who I am and what I have to offer others? (e.g. Teaching, sharing, workshop, writing, relocation)

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