There’s a feeling of urgency running wild across the planet and like a forest fire it’s all consuming. Those who have been walking the path know of what I speak. It’s a call that vibrates within every cell of your being as a deep longing in the heart, and is akin to being reunited with your beloved. Beneath the hum drum of daily life an unsatiated restlessness pervades your soul prodding you until you finally begin to pay attention. It’s a call that can’t be ignored or denied however much you may try. An open invitation to come home to yourself, and merge with Source.

How do we answer?

We answer the call through listening, being, exploring and taking inspired action but many allow this call to go to voicemail. Ever received a call from someone that you don’t want to speak to? In that moment instead of answering you press the reject button. The original message goes to voicemail and unless you know how to check your Spiritual voicemail regularly (hint – meditation) you probably won’t receive the message that is intended uniquely for you.

Answering the call of your Spirit will show up in numerous ways. Sometimes it can be dramatic like it was for me. During Decemeber 2010 I experienced a spontaneous Kundalini Activation the result of which has made me hyper sensitive to energy fields. I feel energy, vibrations and pulsations running through out my light body 24/7, it feels like a constant humming or a homing beacon that increases or decreases like the rise and fall of the tide. The energy sometimes results in me having Out of Body Experiences.

It’s important if you have an opening of this kind to begin creating a stable vessel in which you can hold the energy, otherwise it can blow a fuse in your nervous system and cause all kinds of mayhem!

Other times the opening can be a gradual pitter, patter of profound yet simple realisations and shifts. These aha moments can translate into powerful catalysts for change and transformation. The art of Awakening has many different layers and even its own funny sense of humour! It’s a process that can be subtle and at times very potent, it’s unique for each of us.

What happens if we ignore the call?

Choosing to cover our ears inevitability results in the break down of life structures leading to depression, low level anxiety, self-doubt, procrastination, a sense of unease or feeling as though you are wandering aimlessly without direction. When you begin to answer the deeper call of your Soul these life structures begin to realign themselves around this emerging energy.

Know that don’t have to know every single detail, or have all the answers. Just begin by stepping in the direction of what calls to you. As you do the Universe takes notice and starts communicating with you through Synchronicity. Think of Synchronicity like a cosmic wink from the Universe that you’re on course! Your courage will deliver further guidance along your path, helping to build trust and self-esteem in yourself.

Experience a New Earth

The New Earth many people speak of is actually already here, the only thing separating you from it is your state of Consciousness.

Consciousness is cause, everything else is at the effect of Consciousness. This means in life we can be at the effect of something or we can be at the cause. Most people operate as if they are at the effect. Because of the work I do I have to constantly catch myself whenever my mind convinces me I’m at the effect of things and powerless to do anything about them. To be at cause means taking responsibility (it’s not so frightening when you realise it’s your ability to respond) for everything that occurs in your experience. This in turn faciliates a sense of empowerment as you begin to realise that you can make different choices.

Be a part of the Shift in Consciousness

An emergent energy is being birthed into creation, it’s showing up and calling on you to return to the wholenes of who and what you are. To remember that you are Multidimensional, infinite, made in the image and likeness of Source itself, not separate from it! Who’s nature is to GIVE! To give love, joy, peace and harmony to yourself and everyone you encounter. We’ve been conditioned by society to think otherwise, but what can be learned can be unlearnt.

I know you can feel this activation too but now the question is what will you do about it?
I’ve created a playshop that will help you answer that question and some others you may have too. Come and join a community of Heart-centred explorers as we delve deeply into being the answer you seek, answering the call, and aligning with the shift in Consciousness that is spreading across our world as an unstoppable force.

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If you feel the resonance and are ready to align with the love, beauty and healing at the core of your being then get your butt over to this event! 🙂