“Stay awake my sister…” my Shaman brother whispered. “Huachuma has an important message for you, you must be awake to fully receive it.” by now the ceremony had been going on for around 6 hours. I had taken my second cup of the sacred plant teacher Huachuma San Pedro. I wanted more than anything to be cradled in the arms of sleep, but instead I would feel a prod from the Shaman who was keeping a watchful eye on me. The turquoise stone in his head dress winked at me. “You will sit next to me, because you’re so sensitive to the energies. Make sure you are next to me, you will be safe my sister. ”

“They’re here”…

My Consciousness moved in and out of Hypnagogic imagery, lights danced, voices spoke, I felt myself entwined with San Pedro. My Shamanic friend had attended to everyone in the circle, he had not visited me yet. In the background someone moaned, somene shook, someone whimpered and another gagged from the bitter taste of the plant teacher Huachuma. Eternity passed and suddenly the Shaman approached me. “They’re here my sister.” he breathed.

“Who?” fell from my mouth “The pleiadian my sister, they’re here.. do you know, I can see many of them around.” the drowsiness and nausea was so strong and like a tide it was pulling me further out to sea with no land in sight.

It was time to drink the third cup of Huachuma San Pedro, my mind tried hard to resist. My heart told a different story. I lifted the cup with both hands asthough lifting up the elixir of life, and spoke with Huachuma. I asked that the plant teacher be kind and fuse with my Consciousness in a harmonious way, without the need to regurgitate any part of it. Huachuma must have listened to my prayers, for after the third and final cup my mind released resistance and accepted it’s fate.

A vision

Various scenes flashed before me, the laughter of children, Gaia, a new vibration to be anchored on Earth. The spirit of the Deer  – one of my animal guides – moving through expansive stretches of forest. “You have a specific mission my sister, do you know that? Did you receive a vision?” with one foot in this world and one in the ethereal I somehow mustered “I saw fragmented parts.” he knelt beside me, placing a hand on my head and began to channel information from the non-physical planes relating to my Purpose for being here. I had an inkling but to hear it through him was an emotional experience.

In truth I did not feel worthy of such a vision, a part of me did not believe it was possible or real. In the presence of the Shaman my spirit felt as though it was being purged of all my self-doubt.

Tears of joy and relief

Aurelia was laying beside me, she held my hand as tear after tear streamed down my face. Every so often I would feel a little squeeze as if to remind me I was still here in this Physical plane. She was both comforter and translator, as the entire ceremony was shared in French. Aurelia was probably the only other person who heard everything other than myself from the Shaman.

“There will be many challenges to realise your vision my sister. At times it will be difficult for you, you are sensitive, but you can overcome them and you must. We are happy you have returned…” his voice then deepened emphasising the words “… Healer Womaan.” in his thick Peruvian accent. These words reverberated inside my body and I felt the pinprick of chills working their way down my spine.

Participating in a plant ceremony with a group of strangers is one of the most intimate acts you can ever undertake – if you allow for it. In this sacred space peoples dreams, intentions, hopes and desires are unified into an entirety state. The energy from such an event swirls together, amplifies and surges. This initiates timelines to cross over and shift, causing Synchronicity to come alive. Underneath all this the Shaman holds steadfast a sacred space with his Consciousness and intention, which need to be stable.

The role of the Shaman

Many will call themselves a Shaman but few will understand what it means. The Shaman understands that everything in Nature has its place, a purposeful cycle. It’s clear that Humans have stepped outside of this circle. Humans are not superior to the animal and plant kingdoms, or Earth herself. All of which contain their own intelligence and wisdom – that is much older than that of Humans – and we can each learn from it. The Shaman serves as medium between all these various facets of life. A bridge that is able to shift between this plane and the non-physical dimensions of Multidimensional reality. A role that is sorely missing in modern society.

I grew up under the influence of Indian Spirituality, ideas that stand rooted in the Earth outside the dominating Western point of view. Storytelling that moves beyond Science, reason or even logic. That’s not to invalidate these aspects of the world, they are useful and even neccessary. However in the modern age they have been given far too much weight to the detriment of everything else, including our Humanity.

Our generation must work to turn this imbalance around. In the Shaman world view, everything is alive, conscious and interdependent. This includes the sky, ocean, soil, plants, animals, trees, stones, mountains. The intelligence of these life forms is great and vast. Humans tend to feel asthough other life forms are separate from or somehow beneath them. This ‘exclusion’ and disconnection is the cause of great suffering in our world. It is something the Shamanic arts can help integrate and Heal into wholeness. ‘Inclusivity’ Heals, segregation of any kind does not.

It is the Spirit and Consciousness of the Shaman that can greatly influence the outcome of the sacred plant ceremonies they facilitate. So select your Shaman wisely.

The Shamans ability to communicate with these various life forms and move between dimensions is not enough, a Shaman must also have a deep and open heart. A reverance for Nature that keeps him in service to the Great mystery otherwise known as the creative life force energy.

A new Dawn

The Stars began to fade into a new dawn as light touched the sky. All felt the warm embrace of this new dawn, that carried with it new possibilities into our sacred circle. By now it must have been around 14+ hours since the ceremony began but it was not yet finished. We shared our experiences and journeys together under my Shaman brothers instruction. Interestingly the Shaman did not call on me to share my experiences openly with the group.

Instead he jokingly stated ‘Honovi… she is an Extraterrestrial, she is just adjusting here, maybe even wondering how she got here.’ – no surprises there I thought – everyone laughed although amusingly he didn’t actually seem to be joking…

“It is not neccessary to share everything.” he told me, advising me not to fully disclose what I experienced. To keep the most potent parts for myself.

I took his advice, whilst writing this article I shared from my heart my journey and feelings but did not delve so deeply into other aspects of the vision that unfolded and the information that was channeled. Sometimes it is important to keep something for ourselves, that only our eyes can touch and our heart can beat to.

When everyone was done sharing their profound experiences, in the kitchen a big banquet of food awaited us. It was really something else! A mountain of fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, different kinds of bread, cheese, olives, juices. Like bird of prey we all huddled together and stood around the table trying to decide what to nourish ourselves with first. Filling ourselves up I felt like this group was my family. I had experienced something special with them. With every bite I felt my Consciousness ground more deeply into the soil of the Earth.

This is Part II of a three part article.  Join me for the third installation where I visit an international Shamanic Festival in Fanlac, France.

To read Part I visit here

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