I used to feel remaining neutral was the highest Spiritual path but then I came to realise it wasn’t.
Now drop into this moment with me… whole galaxies spin as new life is birthed, another life departs, destruction unfolds its petals, allowing something unseen to manifest, lovers entwine their bodies as tetonic plates continue to press into each other, causing the Earth to shake. Now ask yourself is there anything neutral about that?

Neutrality is another mask the loveable ego wears and hides behind. Yes the ego is loveable and like a child it seeks your attention and care, when we wage war on the ego we wage war against ourselves. Neutrality can prevent us from taking responsibility for our choices. It may prohibit us from stepping on peoples toes or fully expressing ourselves for fear of causing upset.

We are not living in times that call upon more neutrality, we’re living in times that call upon each of us to decide who we are and what we wish to take a stand for in the world.

Is Gaia ever neutral?

Nature is never neutral come rain, sleet, wind, or sunshine. Gaia doesn’t sit on the fence. Truth reverberates through her veins like untamed hurricanes whirling across the great oceans of our world. She expresses in the blossoming of a flower, through every smile that touches your own, in the most miraculous of ways. Whether silently, lovingly, willingly, with sterness, with force, through subtlety and yes even with anger.

Anger channeled creatively, not at the expense of others can serve as a powerful catalyst for change. The things that anger us in our world are not to be neutralised or suppressed but rather taken as guidance as to what work and gifts we’ve come to Earth to share.

In Nature breath all these beautiful illuminated expressions and elements. Inside us they live seeking a willing conduit. Are you willing to be that conduit?

Giving is our Nature

We have come here to GIVE expression to our Multidimensional nature, not numb ourselves for fear of what others may think. For more to come into your life, you must allow more to come out from you.

Lovingly ask yourself “Where in my life am I being neutral? Did I come all this way just so that I could sit on the fence? In order to feel safe, spiritual and not really have to fully commit myself to anything so that things can move forwards?

Allow yourself permission to be who you are

Or could it be that you came here to share your brilliant luminosity and imperfection side by side, in doing so honouring the great Spirit that dwells within you.