A Shamanic Journey to the Heart to connect you with your Higher Purpose

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Calling all Visionary Leaders, Entrepreneur Healers, Pioneers and Coaches! Those who think ‘outside the box‘, and have come to disrupt the status quo! These are the times that will catalyse and activate your Highest Calling and potential!

Know that you are here to be your most unique and EMBODIED self whilst FEARLESSLY share your Soul Gifts and controversial truth. Remember you didn’t come here to ‘fit in’! Chances are you have never quite felt as though you ‘belonged’ because you where born to stand out from the crowd! 

We are each being called forth to leave behind a life that insists on limitation, fear, blame and lack. Are you ready to…

  • Discover your unique Spiritual Shamanic Gifts
  • Create Wealth and Abundance by doing what you LOVE
  • Connect with your Multidimensional Team of Guides

If YES then you’re in the right place! Welcome to Chai with the Cosmos, may you remember your nature as a Multidimensional Creator-being.

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The Universe is not Neutral

I used to feel remaining neutral was the highest Spiritual path but then I came to realise it wasn't. Now drop into this moment with me... whole galaxies spin as new life is birthed, another life departs, destruction unfolds its petals, allowing something unseen to...

Answering ‘the Call’

There's a feeling of urgency running wild across the planet and like a forest fire it's all consuming. Those who have been walking the path know of what I speak. It's a call that vibrates within every cell of your being as a deep longing in the heart, and is akin to...