Dusk was approaching and the tide heaved a sigh of relief. Over the burnt horizon seagulls wailed and squawked. Before me stood a young boy, the sunshine illuminating his blonde hair that sparkled like water. When he blinked his bangs fell over his eyelashes making him squint. He was dear to me, and felt familiar like ‘family’. “I miss you.” I began. My words felt as though they echoed along the corridors of time. “Do you miss me? Do you remember?” At first he only smiled back. I thought my heart might break out into a million stars strewn across the night sky.

This iridescent smile radiated every part of my being. Throwing his arms around me he exclaimed: “Yes! I remember, I could never forget you. I miss you too!” all of eternity paused briefly, broken only by the crash of waves that appeared to be applauding this reunion. It was as though everything around us was lit up by a deep unconditional love emanating from us both. Then just as suddenly I woke up. Not wanting the experience to end I felt the desire to cry. To cry tears of joy, but the tears would not come no matter how much I willed them…

This is an excerpt from a recent Dream experience I had. One of many that I’ve archived in my Dream journals that I’ve kept for the last 5 years.

The Dreamscape is serving as a gateway to other planes of reality just as valid and real as this one. Within our nightly sojourns to the Dreamscape we meet with the same characters again and again, people from parallel lifetimes, and those who have departed this life. We bring back these experiences as ‘fragmented Dreams’ – it’s literally as though we’re living double lives! Some of these characters may feel more real and like family than our present family during this lifetime.

Remember your Dreams

How often do you remember your Dreams? You could say our modern world is in a state of amnesia or ‘Dream Loss’ – severe memory loss! Think about how sometimes old people develop dementia, welcome to the 21st century Earth Life Experience! Due to the lifestyle society has collectively agreed upon and created people have forgotten their Multidimensional connection to the interconnected web of life, but many are now remembering.

If you don’t remember your Dreams it’s likely you may have been affected by the stressful demands and conditioning of modern life which can disconnect us from the essence of who and what we really are beyond this physical body.

Dream research suggests that humans have at least 5-6 dreams every night. However I personally feel this number varies greatly from person to person. It’s not unusual for some people to experience and recall 12+ Dreams per night for instance. For many though, Dreams remain an elusive mystery who’s awareness is reserved for the spiritually mindful. Some don’t remember anything from their dreams. Others recall them occasionally; and many feel they simply never dream. In reality it’s impossible not to Dream!

What do I mean when I speak of Dreams and the Dreamscape? I couldn’t share my feelings about the Dreams we visit whilst sleeping, and not address the Dreams we’ve held as awake children to share our gifts and make a difference in this world!If we’ve lost touch with either the Universe is always inviting us to remember and reconnect with our Souls Purpose through synchronicities and life events.

When we begin to realise this waking life is also a Dream, we realise collectively we can Dream a new Dream for humanity.

How to remember your Dreams:

*Bringing all of yourself to what you’re presently engaging with, whether that’s your job, relationships, a project you’re working on. Everything is occurring as a state of Consciousness. As we begin bringing greater levels of awareness to this waking Dreamscape it translate into our nightly sojourns to the Astral Planes and beyond where our Dreams take place.

*Keep a Dream journal by your bed side, there’s a reason why all Dream Teachers talk about the importance of keeping a journal. Particularly because you’ll begin seeing ‘patterns’ emerge. Specific characters and places you visit will begin to crop up. You’ll then be able to refer back to your Dream archive to verify this. Keeping a Dream journal can help verify shared Dream experiences too which is very powerful and affirming. Take your time whilst writing your Dream entry because I noticed some of my earlier Dream entries read like gobbledygook!

*Before you drift off to sleep repeat a Dream affirmation in your mind:
“One I’m Dreaming, two I’m Dreaming, three I’m Dreaming…” continue as you fall asleep.
“Tonight I will remember and become conscious in my Dreams.”
“I am open and receptive to my Dream messages.”
“The more I remember my Dreams the more I live my Souls Purpose.”

*A daily awareness routine such as Meditation, Qi Gong, Yoga that helps root and ground you in your body and facilitate focused but relaxed states of Consciousness.

By not valuing the Dreamscape we do ourselves and others a great disservice. For it is in our Dreams we are constantly being sent messages about our Purpose for being here.

We all hold gifts that we have come here to share with others, and when these gifts aren’t being honoured we will move through suffering, resistance, illness, self-doubt and bouts of depression. Our deepest desires and Dreams are all clues as to what is seeking expression through us and as us. We have been conditioned and numbed by society to settle for the mediocre and mundane.

Why the world can’t remember it’s Dreams

“We’re in this physical plane for a reason. We shouldn’t concentrate on other planes, we’re meant to be ‘here’. Everything else is distracting and illusory.”

This dogmatic belief crops up a lot within Spiritual, Religious and Scientific communities. However think of it like this; if most of us are asleep for one third of our lives if not more (if you include Sunday lie ins) why is it no-one ever thinks to ask where you’ve been for the last 8 hrs in the morning? Why is it so widely accepted to be deeply unconscious for those 8 hrs when the Spiritual and Personal Development movements promote living in the ‘NOW’?

“I don’t believe Dreams are that important.”

This is probably the number one reason why Dream Loss affects our world.

If you don’t believe what you’re doing matters, you won’t give it your full attention or do it well. If dreams are of little value to you, why remember them? This is a common sentiment in our modern culture, where dreaming is considered little more than an amusing fantasy for children. Certainly not a particularly worthwhile endeavour that could be mindfully observed and engaged with. In cultures where dreaming is highly prized, virtually everyone remembers their dreams…

Dreams in Indigenous Cultures around the World

In modern culture we’re conditioned not to remember Dreams, ridicule and readily dismiss them as recycled ‘junk’. It’s true that there are Dreams that serve as ‘projections of our psyche’. We might watch a film about Brad Pitt then Dream we’re having tea and scones with him whilst we sleep! However, there are a significant number of Dreams that move beyond ‘projections’. We recognise them because they contain a different feeling tone to other Dream experiences. They’re vivid, may contain specific guidance, or predict the future. We can’t seem to let them go and wonder about their message.

Dreams have always been valued by the indigenous and ancient cultures of the world. Traditionally they where viewed as a conduit by Native Americans to commune with the ‘Spirit’ world. They provided messages and validation of ones spiritual and psychological condition. Native American children where taught to remember their dreams from an early age. In the mornings Elders from the tribe would gather together to discuss Dreams and discern important messages that where being sent from beyond the veil.

Today some of modern culture regards many of these civilisations as ‘primitive’ or ‘superstitious’ but their connection to Gaia and the Dreamscape is a testament to their way of life. A path that has been forgotten but is being ushered back in to an age some are calling ‘The Spiritual Renaissance’.

There is a magic and wander that lives and breathes within our Dreams. In this new age we are being encouraged to respect the Dreamscape. To listen quietly to the Dreams of others, to the untold secrets they hold. For Dreaming helps us ‘remember’, and Dreaming brings us hope, Dreaming ignites our desires and strengthens the heart. Without Dreaming what is there?

Within our Dreams lays a foundation to help us transform our way of ‘being’ in the world. Out of love and service to Gaia and all who are nourished by her many of us have willingly incarnated. The call is too strong to ignore, and our Dreams will continue to fill our nights with restlessness until we honour the Dreamscape with the actions we feel in our hearts.

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