During this 1:1 Channeled Healing session Strongdeer shares specific messages tailored to your specific
situation and needs from her Guides ARIA who bring through Ancient Soul Wisdom whilst working
with your Kundalini Energy, clearing and removing any blocks or stuck energies! She tunes into your
Auric Field to retrieve information about your Highest Potential, what your Natural Spiritual Shamanic
gifts are, and what might presently be holding you back. You'll get to ask the Guides questions and
they'll also ask you questions in this dynamic, fun exchange!

✅ Discover what your Spiritual Shamanic Gifts are & your True Higher Calling during this time of initiation
✅ Receive a Kundalini Activation through remote distant Energetic Healing & Clearing
[Strongdeer studied at a Qi Gong centre in China in 2013 and is a Certified Teacher]
✅ How to step into a new identity and shift things into greater Soul Alignment
✅ Heart Centre Opening Activation, Healing & Expansion
✅ Practical, down to earth steps that will help you embody, integrate or 'bridge the gap' between where you are and where your Heart desires
✅ Light Language Healing Transmission - in the call I sing the most beautiful healing Channeled songs with musical instruments ?
✅ Your connection to your Multidimensional Guides [what Guides or kinds of beings you are connected with]
✅ How to collapse time and bridge the gap between where you are and what your Heart desire