Feeling restless is like that hard to reach itch you feel in your privates area but can’t scratch openly in public! In private you feel compelled to scratch, and each time you do, you find little relief because the itch persists. So what do you do? You carry on itching the itch of course! Not quite knowing the root cause, seeking respite, trying your best to contain the symptom.

You might even apply a skin remedy to Heal the problem area but innately you realise this is a short term solution to a long term issue. Deep down you know that sneaky itch will return with full force, with restlessness and next time it’ll have spread into other areas of your life too!

So what’s your itch? What’s causing you to feel so Restless these days?

Could it be the feeling that time is slipping through your fingers like sand?

That your life is withering away behind a computer screen stained with finger prints?

Another depressing news story about terrorism, perhaps Kim Kardashians photoshopped bum?

This restlessness sometimes keeps you awake at night and leads you to feel as though you should be somewhere else, doing something else with someone else! You don’t quite feel ‘aligned’, on path or where you imagined you ‘could’ be. That you where born for something greater than this hum drum life.

That there’s a deeper hidden purpose and meaning to the life that currently isn’t being expressed through you. You’re anticipating living life when all the right elements come together but for some reason that moment never quite arrives.

It’s as though  some sort of energetic blockage is keeping you stuck in quick sand, you’re not moving forwards, and a wave of unworthiness is pulling you out to sea with high tide. This is the cause of your restlessness.

And you feel you need to Heal first before you can begin living life on purpose. On your terms.

The thing is, there is never a perfect moment to make a change and a commitment to ourselves so that we’re ‘living’ rather than ‘surviving’ other than in the here right now.

So what is the cost of doing nothing? 

That is a question we must all ask ourselves and listen intently for the answer.

Remember it’s not enough to live from our world of idealism and intuition, for a person who exclusively dwells there will daydream but not take the necessary actionable steps to bring those Dreams into fruition.

With 2015 less than twenty four hours away we could give ourselves a damn good reason to begin painting onto the blank canvas the New Year so generously provides. We can move from Restlessness to Restfulness. Disconnection to reconnection. Let’s choose to officially release anything that may have caused self-sabotage in 2014 here right now!

You are an expansive fusion of ‘Spirit’ and ‘Matter’ dancing through Eternity. Your nature is Multidimensional and knows no limitations. You have been here many times before. You came to physical reality to bring a different frequency band… do you remember!?

One that would help to raise the collective vibration up a notch or ten. Seriously let’s screw what other people think!!! You’ve never felt like ‘other people’ anyway so why choose to be validated by a worldview that is cynical and close-minded to the infinite opportunities that exist here.

Are you waiting for someone else to give you permission to be YOU? No-one is going to do that! It’s up to you to give yourself the gift of being yourself, right here. You are worthy. You are deserving. What you have to say and contribute DOES matter.

You have a song to sing that only you can sing, so unfurl your wings and come sing it with me. Let’s harmonise and create a beautiful melody together! 

Two tuning forks that are the same frequency can be made to resonate together if the vibration is amplified and strong enough. But here’s the thing, tuning forks that are not the same frequency will not resonate. Now that’s a sobering thought. So who are you surrounding yourself with, who’s frequency is out of whack with yours and where you want to journey in life. How is that affecting you in subtle and overt ways?

If you want to move from Restlessness to Restfulness it’s going to require courage (which I know you have plenty of!) and taking that first step…

This means choosing self-love, taking better self-care, valuing yourself.

It also means embracing your Multidimensional nature & Sensitivity as the Gifts they intended to be!

I’m going to help support you through it every step of the way. Why? Because I care deeply, love encouraging others and have a knack for spotting a persons deepest potential. That’s a part of my Purpose this lifetime, now let’s uncover yours?

Do you want to let go of the mind chatter, Heal, discover your Highest Potential, and gifts you’ve kept hidden with someone from your soul tribe? Someone who gets you, understands and connects with your sensitive and caring nature? Then I warmly invite you to SIGN UP here for a 1 hr Discovery Consultation  – I have 19 spaces available – Fill out the simple questions on the form. This will help me best support you in our session together. After the consultation you may wish to take up my ‘Living from Wholeness Programme’

Remember we all hold special gifts, that ask only to be lived. Here’s to moving from Restlessness to Restfulness. Awakening to Spirit and our Multidimensional nature in 2015 for all.

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