It’s 2am and the only thing I hear is my heart beating against the still of night. It’s a steady beat that holds me in my body. The linen sheets feel too warm against my skin. I toss and turn finding no solace in the promise of sleep. Like an old friend I can feel the vibrational hum of energy roll through my body. It has become so familiar now this feeling. Every passing day the energy flows through me 24/7, without any sign of letting up. It moves, swirls, dances and pours out beneath my feet. It’s being anchored into Gaia and the New Earth that is emerging for many.

The New Earth that everyone is eagerly waiting for is actually already here, she has already been vibrationally birthed into being. Frequency and vibration are the only things that stand between you and her. For others she is still Emerging, and for some there is still no sign of her. We can tune into this frequency with our state of Consciousness and feeling tones by making feeling good a priority and following our excitement. Some will not recognise this Emerging Gaia. She will present herself right underneath their nose but they may not see her because their focus is elsewhere.

We can alternate our radio dial so that we may tune into her infinite broadcast, this is available for all to engage with. Or we can tune our antennae into fear and hopelessness. For a time this is okay too, because each of us are moving through an evolutionary process as expressions of One. Remember you cannot force a flower to bloom prematurely. There are many layers and stages of remembering child of the Universe, and each of us must move through those that are unique and beneficial to our growth.

Fear is now such a prevalent energy state within the Consciousness of humankind that it requires transmuting into the all encompassing energy state of love. How do we move from a fearful state into a loving state?

  • We find mediums that invite us to express our innate gifts.
  • We shift our focus to what we ‘have’ instead of what we don’t have.
  • We make our choices based on what excites, resonates and moves us.
  • We reach out to others as our brothers and sisters, we ‘be the change’ we wish to see.
  • We practice the art of ‘giving’ to ourselves first, extending this outwards to others who come into contact with our energy field without expecting anything in return.
  • We cherish the Dreamscape and act upon its wise council.
  • We play, laugh and create like only children know how!
  • We ask ourselves “What would someone who valued themselves do?” in every situation.
  • We receive the internal Guidance and implement with ACTION!

I’ve become so sensitive to the energetic changes happening on our planet that my entire body is in a constant state of vibration, making me hyper sensitive to my environment, sound, foods, and the company I keep. The last few years have been far from easy, moving through a soulmate heartache turned my entire world upside down. I was living a nightmare of my very own creation, essentially punishing myself for the fall out of the relationship.

My confidence obliterated, I often dipped in and out of depression and suicidal feelings. I had made something outside of me my Life Force, my sustenance and Source of happiness. I had ‘lost’ myself within the false identity of another who was just acting from a place of pain and unconscious behaviour. It’s only recently that I began seeing his innocence and my own, taking our interaction to new levels of Healing for us both. I’m glad to say we now both carry a loving space for each other from afar.

The Universe had to painfully take this person out of the equation to remind me how valuable, beautiful and loved I really was. In my relationships with men I had been treated well, I didn’t anticipate rejection, the emotional and psychological suffering was at times unbearable. Since then I’ve been working to transform my lifestyle to accommodate this Emerging energy. I am ready now to stop hiding, feeling afraid I may infringe upon the insecurities and beliefs of others and share more openly my experiences.

Cosmic-womanEvery moment I have a very physical reminder of the tangible changes that are taking place through out the collective Consciousness of humanity. I cannot forget even for a moment the transformation we’re all collectively under going, even if I desired to. “All that’s left to do is surrender” my Guides tell me. “That’s easy for you guys to say!” I sniff.

After all from their higher dimensional perspective the contrast we experience here simply ceases to exist there. Here in physical reality it’s a completely different ball game. Especially when you’re up against a lifetime of Scientific, Religious and Spiritual dogma – all serving as valid Belief Systems or ‘in roads’, returning us ‘home’ to a deeper remembering of our Multidimensional nature 

Ironically given the energetic phenomena I experience daily I still continue to doubt myself and the changes that are occurring everywhere all at once, I realise this is an organic process for us all, that we’ll each sink into it at our own pace. Sometimes this cosmic energy is so strong that it becomes a challenge to sleep, I rest on my side most nights. Other times I close my eyes and brave the crest of energy waves rising up, out, through and under my subtle energy body. I’ve been told I’m anchoring the Multidimensional energies that are helping to shift our Consciousness into a new frequency.

(To remember ourselves as Multidimensional is to remember we exist at different levels of vibration in multiple planes simultaneously. The only thing that separates these planes are vibration, frequency and energy. These states can be accessed through Meditation, ESP, the Dreamscape, Lucid Dreaming and plant medicine.)

And that there are many anchors across the world, each has their part to play but in the eyes of Source none are more or less special than the other. We’re being encouraged to begin sharing this information more widely with others. Particularly the younger generation, many of whom are incarnating as old souls. Please do not judge them based on their Earth years, they carry with them important messages that will help anchor this New Consciousness emerging on our planet. Many of them do not have to learn from textbooks, they carry with them innate knowledge from all their lifetime experiences. If you come across these people, encourage them to share from their heart, support and love them, do not ask them to dim their light for the sake of others.

This cosmic energy undulates, reverberates, pulsates and builds edging me towards sleep paralysis, when it hits a crescendo it pushes my Consciousness inwards resulting in an Out of Body Experience or Astral Projection. The term Out of Body Experience is highly misunderstood and particularly feared amongst organised Religion and mainstream Science alike. Our Consciousness is moving inward not outward when we have these experiences.

ALL of us are experiencing OBE’s each and every night, only some of us are becoming cognizant and fully Conscious as they’re occurring. A few days ago in the Dreamscape my Guides told me that more people would begin experiencing the Multidimensional energies that are merging with this physical plane. This plane has alway existed as a part of a Multidimensional reality field but for a long time has been siphoned off from it’s Source in the collective mind of mankind. The veil between planes is perhaps the thinnest it’s ever been in a long while, many are feeling it as a series of crisis in their lives. A breaking down of the old, a sense of urgency to know and live their purpose and gifts.

All of us are required to stop hiding, playing small, worrying what others might think, to share our experiences from our heart, stay grounded, rooted always in the heart, looking to our experiences over textbooks, and be the Guides we never had whilst we where growing up. To let those under going similar changes both subtle and overt know they’re not alone or strange and become the support units and family we never had. That it’s a natural part of a wider collaborated process to take Gaia and the collective Consciousness to a new vibrational set point. Compassion for the self and towards others is a key component of this process.

At night my energy body grows particularly restless, eager to explore the corridors of infinity. Due to my sensitivity I find it challenging being amongst a world full of electromagnetic frequencies, but I know I chose to incarnate in this particular part of the world for a reason. To offer a different perspective from the status quo. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night I love to walk around the house in complete darkness. I do this to integrate my fear of the Darkness which I view in a very different light from 6 months ago.

2531098_8625183_lzDarkness is not something to be rejected or disowned. You merely tie yourself to that which you resist. In the light there is darkness and within the darkness there is light, together they interweave like the infinity symbol. They’re not at war with each other, but human thinking makes it so. At this hour it feels as though the entire world is asleep Dreaming Dreams of remembering. And yet the silence can be deafening if it’s not embraced. Beneath the wake of stillness I unfold a restlessness nestled deep within me, like a huge tidal wave it takes me under, making it hard to breathe. I’m learning to relax and breathe all over again…

Your life experiences are your roadmap and your feelings your compass. Do not let outside influences disconnect you from your inherent connection to Source. You are Source showing up as an individualised expression of the whole. Others will try to impose their beliefs on you, their doctrine, and their dogma. Remember that Jesus was not a Christian, and Buddha was not a Buddhist. Beliefs where created around these great avatars by mankind. Bless those who impose a dying paradigm upon you, they do not remember their deeper nature as Energy manifest, as Source free of physical form. Remember that our deeper nature is free of any manmade belief systems.

For the sensitive souls who are being called upon to align with their vision for this New Earth here are some things you can begin to engage with:

  • Begin cultivating the courage to follow your passion, if you don’t know what that is make it a priority to find out by trying different things. Remember those things you enjoyed as a child, where time ceased to exist.
  • Invite stillness into your day, away from any technology or distractions.
  • Anchor yourself in a daily routine (writing, meditation, journaling etc)
  • Take note of how you are feeling day to day, your feeling tone is affecting your frequency which in turn affects your reality creation. Activate high vibrational feeling tones such as love, happiness, peace. Ask yourself how would I show up if I where to embody this tone?
  • Begin sharing your experiences with others more widely on social media networks.
  • Make it a priority to fall in love with yourself deeply, not from an egoic place but from a place of humility, for when you love yourself  you love Source deeply.
  • Create communities, reach out to others who resonate and share a similar vision.
  • STAY GROUNDED, we are here in the physical plane for a reason. We chose to be here. Do not lose sight of this. Extend your kindness to all platforms, even those that aren’t connected to the ‘spiritual ideals’ you carry, remember that everyone holds a unique and valid perspective, even and especially if it’s different to your own.
  • Fill yourself up and then give to those who are less fortunate than yourself. There are many opportunities to do this.
  • Being ‘right’ offers no peace, do not try to convince others about your ideas. Instead embody them in your action, words and intent. The truth speaks for itself, it doesn’t seek to persuade others of it’s superiority. It just ‘is’.


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