The Sun is playing a secret symphony resounding throughout eternity. Our Sun is 93,000,000 miles away suspended within the void of space. It’s conducting it’s own melody that the human ear cannot hear (the human range is on average from 20 to 20,000 Hz) This deep resonance pulses and throbs, inhales and exhales. Rippling out from beneath the surface of it’s exterior causing the surface to wobble and oscillate. By compressing inaudible waves so that human ears can listen, the frequency sound of the Sun has been recorded by NASA in deep space. To appreciate this wonderous sound that works on an energetic and cellular level (not too dissimilar to a gong) it’s advisable to listen to it with headphones at the below link. Otherwise the sound becomes distorted if listened to through speakers. I particularly recommend listening whilst meditating.

As I listened to the soothing sound for the first time, I felt the Suns vibrations surge deep through out my body. As someone who is highly sensitised towards the subtle etheric energies – also known as Qi (chi) – the recording had a potent impact on both my body and Consciousness. Whilst listening I drifted into a rhythmic like trance. A sudden feeling of deep unconditional Love enveloped me, caressing my consciousness with serenity. I felt a sense of connectivity and clarity. “Perhaps The Sun uses this vibrational tone to communicate with the rest of the Cosmos…” I thought to myself. Sound is after all one of the Universal languages.

In that moment I strongly felt the powerful intelligence that lies behind that which we label The Sun. It became apparent that this awe inspiring being maintains it’s own Consciousness, that is in constant communication with everything throughout the Cosmos, on many different levels of reality. The intelligence by which it operates is not diminished because it doesn’t fit into the standard framework of today’s society. There is much we could learn from it. Could the Sun be the most highly evolved Spiritual Being or Consciousness within our Solar System? Yes quite possibly. I can just envision what a typical conversation would go like between itself and Gaia Earth:

smiling-planet-sunThe Sun:  “Those pesky humans are up to no good again!”
Gaia Earth: “Yup” [rolls eyes] “but what should we do about it?”
The Sun: “Burn them!”
Gaia Earth: “Didn’t you already try that after the last ice age?”

Om the Sacred Sound of our Sun

The sound of the Sun was considered by some ancient traditions as the most sacred sound of the Universe. It is known as the mantra OM intoned by the ancient Hindus thousands of years ago. In 6th century BC Pythagoras also heard the sound of the Sun and described it as a deep resonate hum with higher frequencies blended into it. In an act of selfless service each day it rises and sets without condition, without asking for anything in return. Promising new life to all who are touched by its warmth. It neither condemns nor judges or holds a grudge

I’ve always felt a certain fondness towards the Sun, more so than most perhaps. Through out my life I’ve mostly preferred the heat against my skin to the cold. My dear sister can never understand how it is I’m able to tolerate all the heating turned on full blast at home. When the Sun is not apparent in the sky I feel a pinch of melancholy in its absence. I long for it to illuminate everything in its wake, to be be nourished by its warmth. I liken myself to how a plant must feel during the process of photosynthesis. I willingly surrender to its splendour in dusk, through to dawn. If we can learn to tune into it, nature, the Cosmos, plant and animal kingdoms we can receive so much wisdom and insight that aid our journey.

What can we Learn from The Sun?

  • To accept people as they are and allow them to freely express themselves
  • To not place conditions on our love, to hold the ‘intention’ of Unconditional Love is powerful
  • To not play small and shine the light that was given to us by Source/God
  • To make it our priority to know what our purpose and role is in society during this lifetime
  • To serve humanity selflessly
  • To take full responsibility for the part we play in creating our own reality
  • To not judge or condemn eachother
  • To know when to withdraw our energy – the Sun does not rise at night time, that’s what it’s friend The Moon is for 😉 –
  • To bring warmth to all who meet our gaze

Can you think of any other lessons we can learn from The Sun? (post them in the comment section below if you wish) I often gaze at it in awe, and it never fails to uplift me with its love. We are children of the Sun, see how playful smiles abound whenever it shines against a blue canvas. The impact it has on our earth is profound and often taken for granted. Do we spend a moment to consider who or what the Sun is? What trials and tribulations did this magnificent Consciousness go through to evolve and manifest in physical reality as a life giving star at the centre of our Solar system?

The humble sun sets; one last kiss to the grey skies above our heads. Sleepily unto its slumber they merge; Light and Dark shadows.

-Honovi Strong Deer

There is a symbiotic relationship which exists between Gaia Earth and the Sun. If it wished it could destroy Earth in a short amount of time, but I don’t belive that is its intention. I have no doubt that it sends telepathic messages at the speed of light not only to Earth but all living beings on Earth. Imagine if we developed the ability to communicate and harmonise with it. There are gifted individuals who are able to communicate with animals, so why not the Sun? We could learn to pray and talk with it not as a God but a living being. We could ask it to ease up a little on the UV rays. According to NASA every 11 years we come into solar maximum where solar flares hold a potential threat to our planet. Imagine millions of people meditating together and holding such a strong intention. What we be the effects?

With deep gratitude to our Sun, the brightest star in our Solar system… <3


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