The fireworks have spun, crackled and whirled their last, with the next door neighbour still singing Celebration by Kool & The Gang. Connections with loved ones have been dutifully appeased until another year rolls around. Now is the time we throw caution to the wind, setting aside our New Years aspirations. The New Year is the bold, blank canvas we crave emerging elegantly from behind 2013. Most of us are poised upon the threshold of what promises to be ‘the best year of your life’, ready to splash that first lick of vivid colour. Creating NY resolutions without the life expectancy of a banana can be a challenge but is doable with a little help from the imagination. Through our incessant hunger for the future we seek escape from the now, and an unforgiving past missing the endless opportunities that lay before us.
Amidst the excitement we sometimes set ourselves up for disappointment, particularly when we don’t rally behind those toned Abs – it can help tremendously if we can learn to appreciate the times in our lives where we did accomplish our goal against all odds . Can you find examples of where you’ve exerted will power and discipline? It’s not as ambitious as it sounds. For instance I’m a Vegetarian who doesn’t drink alcohol 99.9% of the time – and usually the first and last person on the dancefloor – I have my reasons and it’s not because I’m a recovering whino. On a base level I don’t desire to participate in a system which mistreats animals for the sole purpose of consumption, and the repugnant taste of alcohol has always disagreed with me  – normally ending with my head stuck down a toilet – These are health choices I consciously chose to integrate into my lifestyle and well being.

Being a Veggie Tee-totaller is great but requires a degree of will power and discipline that have now become second nature. We can see it’s possible to find small but profound examples of self-control and that it’s achievable to extend this to other areas of our lives. Positive habits can be cultivated and set to our default frame of mind resulting in something tangible. Remember that everything begins with a thought within your consciousness, a seed of intention that is nurtured by awareness, self-love and passion. I’d like you to look around your environment right now, and notice every object began as a thought in someone elses mind before it inevitably manifested into physical reality.

Look around your environment right now, every object began as a thought in someone elses mind before inevitably it manifested into physical reality

Tips for goal setting

  • Dream BIG because the sky really isn’t the limit, but dream in terms of what is achievable according to YOUR internal guidance system (don’t measure yourself against anyone else)
  • Include a reasonably achievable goal alongside one that is much more challenging (again according to you)
  • Don’t just meditate on it, get your groove on and take action!
  • Remember If you aren’t pooing your pants ever so slightly whilst goal setting chances are you’re not pushing far enough beyond your comfort zone
  • Give yourself 30 days to form your new habit before giving up, researchers suggest this is normally the amount of time the brain requires to establish new neuro pathways that lead to habitual behaviour

What if you don’t want to write out a mundane list of resolutions that will only be broken before they begin? Making a resolution is just another guide in our cosmic toolkit to get us clear on what we wish to manifest. In reality we don’t need to wait until New Year to set healthy goals for ourselves, we’re free in each moment to make a choice that’ll move us towards the direction of that which we desire or the shadow of self-sabotage. Both are serving our expansion in one form another, so don’t be harsh on yourself if you have a tendency to drop into the latter. Presently you may not be fully committing to your goals. No matter, the Universe and its unseen energies have been waiting patiently and will continue to do so until you’re ready to embrace them. Time’ dwells within the confines of eternity. You have all of eternity to reach deep within yourself. 

My top 5 New Years Resolutions for 2014…

1. Replace Self-Sabotage with Self-Love – Allow myself permission to share my gifts freely with myself and others as a Spiritual Guide/Teacher (this is an important goal for me because when I read it to myself I feel a mixture of joy and deep fear! Releasing this fear will ripple out across all aspects of my life affecting my self-esteem, career, relationships, social life, friendships, finances etc in an expansive way.

2. Learn to Swim ‘properly’ – Conquer my long held fear of ‘deep water’ since a child. I say ‘properly’ because I can paddle in shallow waters as tadpoles do, but it’s the feeling of no-longer being able to feel the sea-bed beneath my feet that has my stomach turning. My mother also held this fear, some ancient traditions believe if a parent doesn’t face their fear it is passed on to their offspring.

3. Greater control of my Out of Body Experiences – Since my spontaneous OBE’s began I’ve carried with me a deep resistance to their occurrence. This year I will consciously release these fears that have been holding me back, gaining greater control and clarity of my point of consciousness when I Astral project or go Out of Body.

If you aren’t pooing your pants ever so slightly whilst goal setting chances are you’re not pushing far enough beyond your comfort zone.

4. Write articles for spiritual publications and get paid for it –  Reading and writing where always a creative outlet for me since I was young, many friends asked when I was going to piece together a blog, now that the cosmic blog is finally up and running I’m feeling a bit frisky! There’s a strong inner urge to write for spiritual and mainstream publications about topics I’m passionate about and get paid in the process!

5. Relocate abroad – I’ve always maintained an ambiguous relationship with England – probably because I was burned at the stake in a past life haha – having lived in India for a few years when I was a young child certainly seems to have set the stage for residing in exotic locations (including Singapore and China in recent times). The Asiatic region has always greatly appealed to my senses. I love this part of the world.

Time’ dwells within the confines of eternity. You have all of eternity to reach deep within yourself. 

Every new chapter hails great potential; followed by introspection, expectation with comradery from hope and self-doubt, appealing to our sense of renewal and rebirth. Gifting us with the official excuse we often seek to begin all over again, to become the person we always knew we where, to re-brand and re-write our destiny. Everyone loves a fresh new start, so let’s consciously make this the year we consciously surrender to our gifts that ask only to be lived.

I’d love to hear what your NY resolutions are, feel free to comment and share, it might help others gain clarity on what they desire to manifest this 2014…


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