Shafts of sunlight pierced through the cherry blossom tree, illuminating every hue and shade of colour. A shy Dandelion smiled inwardly as laughter arose beneath the furrows. Without a second thought I took the warmth of their hands into my own as though they had never left mine. In our circle our feet moved together, and as our winged friend chirped the smell of lavender greeted us. Heads raised towards the blue cloudless sky, eyelids slowly closing in. Within this innocence, we knew infinity… we where ‘home’.

No-matter how turbulent our childhoods may have been, there are usually moments we can recall with fondness, with the innocence only children can know. These play filled moments where we felt such a deep concern for each other, nature, and animals… do you remember? We didn’t hesitate to offer a helping hand with no expectation in return (perhaps a smile) if someone was hurt we wished to know why and how we could help soothe their pain.

For some of us we carry this innocence, sensitivity and naivety into adulthood. Yet we are taught by adults not to be so naïve or believe in miracles. We’re told to beware of others hidden agendas and not to talk to strangers. We ignore these warnings and face the consequences regardless. Sometimes these consequences can bring us great joy and other times great hurt. We question whether we where foolish to have believed in all that is good and uplifting in each other. But there is a whisper upon the wind to all who listen long enough to hear. It tells us despite lifes trials a Return to Innocence is always okay and nourishing for the soul.

Innocence as unconditional love

The loss of innocence can arrive when we enter into the world of adults where responsibilities abound. They have a peculiar way of doing things; shaking hands when they meet for the first time instead of hugging, pretending to be someone else, talking over each other so that they might be heard. Impressing others with their accomplishments, judging what others are wearing, seeking approval from outside of themselves, ignoring nature, creating barriers so no-one can get too close.

A return to innocence signals to the Universe we have faith in ourselves and others. It allows us to be vulnerable and open without the need to close ourselves off because we have been warned against what might happen. When a person connects with love and their deeper spiritual nature they re-connect with the innocence they brought into this physical world. It is a source of inner strength, innate wisdom and healing. It’s helpful to draw upon this child-like innocence when the betrayal and hurt of this world becomes too much to endure.

The innocence of children is a precious gift

We are taught that wisdom comes with maturity, but the most profound, simple and loving wisdom I have experienced has always been gifted to me in the presence of children. The challenge then is to preserve this precious gift in a world that is intent on trying to make us into something we aren’t. Each of us is born with a limitless supply of wisdom, and as children we are much closer to this wisdom and innocence than adults. We can also witness it through out nature where everything takes on a majestic quality.

In this space our heart is yet to be bruised. So we offer it gladly to all we encounter without judgement or reserve. We hold no desire to safeguard it from others. As young children we interpret and respond to the world with a kind of Spiritual Awareness. For there lays a deeper security in opening the doors to our heart so that its resonance and innocence might be felt and forever changed by its touch.

Perhaps William Blakes poem best encapsulates the wonder, enchantment, and innocence of a child’s heart.

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.


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